Saturday, October 6, 2007

Turkey's Potential Directed At Denting The Armenian Genocide Has Died Out

(ArmRadio - Public Radio, Armenia Oct 5 2007)

There is great possibility that the US House of Representatives will
adopt the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H. Res. 106), political
commentator of Azg daily Hakob Chakryan told a press conference
dedicated to the consideration of the above-mentioned resolution in
the Congress on October 10. At the same time he expressed confidence
that the Senate will oppose the document on the Armenian Genocide.

According to Hakob Chakryan, Turkey's potential directed at denting
the Armenian Genocide has died out, and this fact finds reflections
in the speeches of many Turkish officials. Thus, Turkey's current
President, ex-Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul noted in one of his
speeches that the genocide question must be included in the list
of most important issues of Turkey within coming 10 years. Indeed,
the genocide issue is an obstacle for developing normal relations
between Turley and third countries.

Hakob Chakryan noted also that criticizing the US policy on recognition
of the Armenian Genocide, Armenians must always remember that the US
is the only country, the President of which addresses the Armenian
community on April 24 every year.

Director of the Ararat strategic research centre Armen Ayvazyan
mentioned that unlike many other documents on recognition of the
Armenian Genocide, H. Res. 106 embraces all important points related
to the whole period of genocide perpetration from 1915 to 1923. It's
noted in the document that the genocide was carried out ion the
historic land of Armenians and not the Ottoman Empire, which is also
a positive point for Armenians.

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