Friday, March 21, 2008


This April 24 marks the 93rd anniversary of the Armenian
Genocide. As in previous years, the Armenian nation will commemorate
the martyrs of the Genocide. By commemorating Armenians pay tribute to
their ancestors. This has also become a tradition for the new
generation, in order to keep alive the torch of the Armenian struggle
until its just and complete resolution.

Today, the Turkish government not only denies the Genocide, but
also spares nothing to revise history in an effort to confuse the
world. The more Turkey continues this denialist policy, the more we, as
Armenians, must demonstrate strong will and commitment. Thus, while our
cause is symbolically represented by April 24, it cannot be limited to
commemorations on that day. Our multi-faceted cause demands continuous
work, coordination, and a united spirit between Armenia and the Diaspora.

Manifesting our united spirit, this year the Armenian Genocide
United Commemoration Committee has decided to organize a pilgrimage to
the Armenian Martyrs Memorial Monument at Bicknell Park in Montebello,
California. Each participant will be given a chance to place a flower
in memory of the victims, and join our brothers and sisters in the
homeland, who traditionally make the same pilgrimage to the
Dzidzernagapert Martyrs Memorial Complex.

The Armenian Genocide United Commemoration Committee will
provide free transportation to those who wish to participate in this
program. The pilgrimage will continue every year, in order to make it a

Our national consciousness demands that every Armenian
participate not only in commemorative activities, but also become active
in the pursuit of the Armenian Cause.

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